February 5, 2022


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21 Parenting Merchandise Reviewers Referred to as A “Miracle”

The set comes with 12 books.

Promising review: “My 4-year-old daughter has known letters and sounds since just past her second birthday and could ‘read’ a few sight words, but she had a hard time mastering the process of sounding out a word. For the last two years, she would read the word ‘stop’ as ‘sss- tuh- ah- puh,’ but didn’t understand how to really blend the phonemes.But somehow, as soon as we got them for her, Bob Books finally unlocked the part of her brain that could really solve the puzzle of phonics! I’m thrilled by the amount of progress we’ve seen in just TWO DAYS– going from ‘getting’ phonics, but not really reading, to completely consolidating and understanding the two concepts. She’s also very suddenly taken up a lot of initiative in independent writing and spelling. I couldn’t recommend these books more highly. They are a miracle!!” —Juniper

Promising review: “Miracle for my ADHD son. My 6-year-old son is in 1st grade and teaching him to read has been nothing short of a major challenge and a battle of wills…until we received these books. When I Let me tell you, his excitement was nothing compared to mine when he sat down yesterday and read ALL 12 OF THEM out loud in one sitting with very minimal help from me. I was in tears watching and listening to him and couldn’t believe my ears. The look on his face when he realized he was reading by himself was absolutely priceless. I will definitely be purchasing the next set soon since he is loving These so much. They are very basic which is exactly what he needed to start building his confidence (and vocabulary) and are simple, cute little stories. I don’t normally write reviews on products, but from a mom nearly at her wit’s end , thank you! These products have given my little boy (and this mom) confidence t hat yes, he too can succeed!” —txmom78

Get a set from Amazon for $10.19.


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