October 5, 2021


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20 memes that completely encapsulate simply how bizarre youngsters are

But damn it, if we don’t love these little weirdos – even if they watch us poop or chug their own bath water.

Free of the inhibitions and political correctness that adults have acquired over decades on earth, children let their curiosity and impulses guide them through life – and that can lead to some pretty strange places. Take off your clothes in the middle of the park? Why not! Stand over your mother while she is to expel a feces? Sounds funny. Wear every piece of clothing you own to school this morning? You better believe it. Kids are quirky as hell, and it’s infinitely fascinating, entertaining, and annoying at the same time. But honestly, how boring it would be if your child didn’t come home with bags full of them rubbish “Treasures” and delight with stories of their amazement. Here are some memes that really made us laugh at how weird these little ones can be. Enjoy!

Bath water: like good wine for a toddler.

A pantsless chicken suit to school in the middle of winter? Done!

The greatest hoarders of all.

In time.

Sweat just thinking about it.

We all sleep in!

20 soft toys, a shoe, three trucks and an unpacked baby bag. Makes sense.

We said honesty is the best policy …

The bigger the better.

Are you taking off your shoes? (Come on, reverse psychology)

It’s the most flattering angle for the chin.

Hiding is overrated, and now Spot knows.

Still surprised that the bulldozer has no wheels?

But why?

Every. Time.

Mom stays in the bathroom … longer than it takes to watch Emily Mariko videos on TikTok.

Looks like my super power runs the dishwasher twice a day.

Keepers of the finder, the loser … avoid food poisoning.

Should have seen that coming.

It doesn’t go together, and yet …


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