June 18, 2021


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16 instances Kate Middleton was only a common mother

So yes, Kate Middleton is a princess, lives in a palace and wears diamond tiaras, but sometimes she’s a normal mother, just like us.

Kate Middleton is just a normal mom like us


Photo: Aaron Chown / Getty Images

She loves taking tons of pictures of her children

Turns out the Duchess of Cambridge can be a bit of a Mamarazzi – just like us! Kate loves to take pictures of her children; In fact, she’s the one who shoots them annual birthday portraits (which you probably already knew). But like a normal mother, her children are sometimes completely over it. in the the last episode In her series of conversations with participants in the Hold Still photo project, Kate noticed that she can sometimes go a little overboard with the photos. “It’s like mine,” she said when speaking to a mother whose husband says she takes too many photos of her family. “Everyone says: ‘Mummy, please stop taking pictures!'” However, we have the feeling that this won’t stop her (we’re speaking from experience * wink *).


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