May 5, 2018


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10 Apps That Actually Pay You Money

Ever wished you could browse your smartphone and find apps that could actually pay you? Well now you can! Keep reading to learn about these 10 apps that actually pay you money!

Dosh App

Dosh pays you cash back on your online purchases.You buy your purchases like you normally would, but go through the app first. Then, just earn cashback. Here’s an example:

You buy clothes for your kiddos through Old Navy online. Instead of visiting the Old Navy site directly, you go to the Dosh app on your phone, access Old Navy, in which you’ll get routed to the website to make your purchase like normal. That’s it!

If your total is $100 and they offer 10% cash back, that’s $10 cashback you earned! For doing what’d you would be doing anyway. Shopping online! Now, ten bucks might not sound like a big deal but first, you earned it without having to do any work AND you can earn much more for all your purchases you’d make online. Just use the app.

In fact, they give you $5 just for signing up! Check them out here and refer your friends to get a referral bonus!



You get rewarded for playing games, watching videos,installing free apps, and more. All through the CashPoint app. It’s a fun way to earn money on  your cell phone. Here are 4 more sites just like this one.


Get paid to take video surveys. At $50 a pop, this is a more high paying survey opportunity, which you’ll love. I have done these surveys a few times. They are pretty short, around 10-12 questions and payment is via PayPal.

App Trailers

Get paid to watch movie trailers.


Turn your photos into cash. You may have heard of this one.


Get paid for your walking. 10,000 steps equals 1 bitwalk. Generate money by movement. Cool, huh? Lose weight, get healthy, get movin and get paid to do so!


Rent your lock screen on your cell phone. You’ll have ads displayed and get paid to do so! Easiest way to make money with your phone. Completely passive!

Wild Wallet

Get paid to install apps with Wild Wallet. That simple.

Gift Wallet

It’s so easy. Try games to earn reward points. Then redeem your reward points for cool prizes like PayPal cash and/or gift cards!



Complete offers and watch videos for a chance to earn PayPal cash, Amazon gift cards, game cards, mobile accessories and more. You can also earn rewards by inviting your friends to use the app. Win-win.

Wrap Up

I hope you enjoyed this short roundup. You’ll find some nice variety in this list of money making apps. A nice blend of survey apps, reward apps, and cashback. Got some apps to add to the list? Comment below so we can keep expanding on the list!

10 Apps That Actually Pay You Money


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